About the Team

The Hymns of our Fathers team comprises 3 life long friends, who have been singing and recording together for over 20 years.  This brings their own exquisite 3 part harmonies to really make these classic hymns come alive!  Here’s a little about each of them…

Darin Browne

Darin Browne in IndiaDarin is a Behavioural Optometrist and also a Christian singer.  He is the music director for Bill Newman International, and travels the world with Evangelist Dr Bill Newman as he preaches to huge crowds across many continents.  As a popular recording artist he has produced 8 albums of his own material, including successful CDs like “The Journey”, “White Hot Passion” and “Shine“, and he regularly sings to crowds in the tens of thousands in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and the United States.

Darin has also started PraiseAndWorshipLeader.Com, a website dedicated to training and equipping worship leaders around the world, and which features a weekly Worship Leader Podcast.  If your church worship struggles to reach real depth and real anointing, check out this site because, like any skill, there is always something you can learn about how to lead worship!

His latest album is called “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and it is modern production of classic hymns.  In fact, that’s what started “Hymns of Our Fathers”, as he recorded and sang these timeless songs and in the process fell in love with them once again.

Darin Browne sings“The first time I shared these songs I did so in my home church, and was amazed at the response”, says Darin, “Where people were on their knees, eyes closed and some were even weeping!  Such is the power of some of these songs!  The idea was born to form a team and share the story of the hymns then sing the hymns themselves, without preaching or hype, and let God be God!”

Darin has 3 girls and a wonderful wife, Fiona, with whom he has started his own charity and ministry called Lily House, a home for pregnant girls, girls in trouble and recovering addicts in his home town of Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.



Erick Buma

Erick BumaErick is a worship leader, recording artist and a completely weird and crazy Dutch guy! He designs and sells furniture for a living, and in Darin’s opinion is the best backing vocalist and harmony arranger on the planet. We all just call him, “The Voice,” but Erick is so loud, crazy and out there that many people just call him “Loud, Crazy, Out There Erick”.

Erick is married to Tambrey and has 4 kids, 3 girls and a son,  all of whom sing beautifully and are ridiculously talented.  He also it a proud grandad, and he also has fallen in love with our hymns, their power and anointing.  His album “Expect a Miracle” has sold well over the last few years, but he has devoted his considerable talent to serving with Darin in his albums, and also in the Praise and Worship leader Podcast.

if you listen the podcast, you will recognize him by his laugh for sure. Erick still sings and tours regularly within Australia and is a powerful and anointed worship leader.

Suzie Sherwell

Suzie SherwellFeeling the desperate need to have a touch of the fairer sex on our hymns team, we invited podcast regular Suzie to join us.  She has been a worship leader, music director and fantastic singer for many years, and provides a beautiful third harmony to our presentation, as well as feeding us up on healthy things like chocolate.

Suzie plays the piano magnificently and sings divinely, and is married to an ultra cool guy called Ken, having 2 gorgeous daughters and a son, and several grandkids, believe it or not! We all agree, she is the best looking grannie ever! Suzie currently works in retail, but she is so ridiculously talented, she could pretty much turn her hand to anything, and she handles much of the arrangements for the team.