Want to contact us with a view to having us come to your church?  My email is below so I am happy to chat with you, but I want to also outline what it costs you as a church to have us come and sings and share our hearts with you…

Cost to the Church for “Hymns of Our Fathers”:   $0.00

Hire of Gear:                                                          $0.00

Travel/Accommodation/Outgoings                         $Whatever it costs us

We are committed to living by faith and sharing this ministry with churches around the world at ZERO COSTS.  If you can afford to help us with our out of pocket expenses like travel, accommodation, meals, etc., we would appreciate it.  If you can’ afford that as a church, PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT STOPS US FROM COMING!  We will simply pray about how we can come and share with you and trust God to provide.

So come on, give us an email and let us share the gift God has given us with you.

BONUS:  We also are the team that runs the most successful Praise and Worship Leader Podcast in the WORLD!  So if you would like us to, we can also run a seminar for your worship team at a small cost.  Just email and let us know!


Ps Darin Browne
Real Abundance
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Phone: 0422804777
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