Buy the Hymn CD or Download It

CD Cover If you love Christian Hymns, or if you’ve seen our presentation, why not take them home with you, and use them in your worship every day?

You can buy a CD for $20.00 AUD, plus $5.00 AUD Postage and handling for Australians.

Outside of Australia, it is going to cost you around $35.00 I’m afraid, sorry about that!

Or You Can Buy the CD Digitally!

CD insideA better way to buy is to simply download the songs, either the entire album (which is much better value) or each one individually!

We have a player installed so you can listen to the tracks and decide what you want to do.  Just click on any track below to, and if you like them, why not buy them for your ipod or MP3 player?

So whether you buy a physical CD, Or Buy the Hymn CD Digitally!

Thanks, we appreciate it and we hope the recordings bless you as you worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!