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The Christian Hymns You Love in a New and Fresh Presentation...

leading worshipHave you grown up with Christian Hymns, but find that your modern church either doesn’t do them or plays them badly?

That’s what we have found, and it’s time for that to change as God restores to His church the wonder of these magnificent praise and worship songs!

They may have been written a long time ago, but we believe that the lyrics are timeless, even if the music may seem outdated sometimes.

rediscovering hymns of worshipWith this in mind, to bring the magic of hymns to a new, younger generation, we have produced these anointed hymns in a modern style of music, along with the amazing stories about who wrote them and why they were written.

The songs you love, in a fascinating presentation that will stir your heart, bring back memories and inspire you to deeper, more anointed worship.  Contact us now and ask how you can bring the Hymns of our Fathers to your church today!


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